Southern Pacific embossed large Freight railroad padlock w/SPCo Freight key.


Double embossed SOUTHERN PACIFIC on both the dust cover and back strap. This is a beautiful larger tha standard switch. Massive. All springs work, excellent condition great patina. A original SPCo FREIGHT steel oiler style key correct for the lock encluded. This is one of 4 locks issued before the Harriman CS-4 series padlocks. Freight, 72, 300, and Switch. All are double embossed Southern Pacific, and stamped with the aforementioned designation on the key and the shackle. This is the largest, and rarest. and by far, most difficult of the 4to aquire, as is the key. Great dark greenish brown patina. Excellent!


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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 8.6875 × 5.4375 × 1.75 in